A training proposal is plan presented by an individual or an employee to the higher authorities in a company where one proposes the need for conducting a training programme. In order to remain ahead of competition and to maintain or improve the performance of the staff, the office must conduct these training programmes to hones their skills. Training programmes are conducted for new employees to give them an idea of their work and duties and also to existing employees so that they can learn new things and know about the developments in their fields. This makes them excited about their work, brushes up their knowledge and makes them perform better which is eventually good for the company.

  • Title: Every training programme must have a title or topic so that people can know what the content of the training is all about
  • Duration and schedule: The training must be of a specific duration and everyone must be informed how long it will be. Also there must be information about what time the training will start and end, and how many days it will be conducted in a week so that people can make their schedule accordingly
  • Benefits: The authorities and the people must be made aware of the benefits of the programme and how it will have a positive impact on their performance. This is a very important point as it is crucial in determine whether the authorities will accept or reject the proposal
  • Funds: Every training programme needs some funds to pay trainers, sometimes external trainers, for various training supplies and materials. An estimate cost must be provided in the proposal.
  • Methodology: One also needs to mention the plan of action or the methodology of conducting the training programme. A basic idea of the content and module must be given in the proposal