A wedding proposal is usually made by the man in the relationship to the woman he loves and wants to marry. Nevertheless, nowadays even women ask a man to marry them, and in some cultures, the wedding proposal is initiated by the father or elderly member of the family. Since wedding proposals are made in different ways in different societies, there is no fixed formula for the perfect wedding proposal. Ideally it means that one of the parties in the relationship asks the other to marry him or her after which they get engaged for a few days or months, before the actual wedding takes place. Wedding proposals are usually made with a ring and is done in a romantic atmosphere depending on the likes and dislikes of the girl. One can be creative in making wedding proposals and use different ideas according to the preferences and situation. Here are some of the points one can keep in mind while making a wedding proposal:

  • Creativity: Although the basic and most important part of a wedding proposal is asking the girl to marry you, this can be done in a number of ways, depending on your budget or what your girlfriend likes. Take her to the beach, a vacation, a nice restaurant, use music or articles which mean something to both of you and plan a wedding proposal
  • Ring: A ring is usually given by the man to the woman when making a proposal. Pick up a diamond ring or any other ring and present it to her either in the box or in innovative ways like hiding it and then she is surprised to find it
  • Timing: The timing of the proposal should be correct. This is not an impulsive decision and one needs to put a lot of thought before asking someone to marry him. Make sure you don’t have any other work or interruptions and can smoothly ask one of the most important questions of your life