An education proposal is a document which outlines the proposals made for the improvement, alteration of or addition to an existing system of education. It may also include proposals made for the establishment of a new system of education with its own modes and rules. It is usually created by a panel of academicians, administrators, educationists and it is submitted before an authority which then judges the merits of the proposal.

  • An education proposal must provide outlines of the proposals for change. It must give a brief introduction of the existing system of education, highlight the flaws and the need for change, and then provide a summary of the changes that the creators of the education proposal wish to be incorporated.
  • An education proposal must also clear the air on crucial and usually contentious aspects of the project like budget, distribution of funds, agencies to be incorporated within the project, deadlines for completion and so on.
  • An education proposal must also be carefully crafted. It should be honest and sincere assessment of the existing system of education, and a practical estimate of the goals which the education proposal can hope to achieve within a fixed timeframe. Otherwise, there is a danger of overstating one’s ambitions and that will only result in bad blood and soured professional relationships as well as credibility.
  • An education proposal must also state the objective of the project, the previous work experience of the panel selected and their credibility. The ways by which they mean to achieve their goals must also be firmly mentioned. This is the most crucial and influential part of the education proposal.

Thus an education proposal must be written carefully with no pretenses, and a clear plan of action. It must be precise, comprehensive and valuable as a document.