An employment proposal is a document which outlines the nature of the services provided by an individual seeking employment in a particular company. It must be well written and honest, so that the evaluators of the document can assess it for its intrinsic merit and value. It is the document on which the individual will be judged hence it is imperative that it must be comprehensive, an accurate estimate of the individual’s merits. It must also provide a statement of purpose and what he hopes to achieve by obtaining the job.

  • An employment proposal must highlight details like the academic qualifications of the candidate, his prior work experience, responsibilities performed and so on. If necessary, letters of recommendation can be appended with the employment proposal as well.
  • An employment proposal must also state what the individual hopes to achieve in his professional career by associating himself with the company to which the proposal is dispatched. An employment proposal must be comprehensive and sincere as any artifice in the proposal will be detected immediately and create a negative impression on evaluators.
  • An employment proposal must also be very specific and precise. It must specifically enlist the skills of the prospective employee and also state his intents and purposes very clearly. The document shall also be a yardstick by which the employee shall be judged and hence it is extremely important to make it a reflection of the employee’s caliber.
  • An employment proposal must also ensure that the employee caters to what the company asks of its recruits. It must be to the point and well written. Any superfluity may not be accepted and care should be taken to ensure that there are no factual errors of any kind. These, if detected, shall result in loss of confidence.