With advancement in technology, information technology has replaced the conventional tools of business by effective modes. This is due to adequate output and productivity which leads to reliant of business on this technology. However, to avail the benefits of Information Technology to the fullest, regular upgradation of the system and expert advises are indispensable. Therefore, certain businesses present their request for proposal by welcoming the proposal submission from various IT companies. This IT proposal must contain the detail regarding the plans, time line and budget for executing any particular work related to this field.

However, consideration of the proposal highly depends upon the construction of the document. Hence, while framing an IT proposal one must ensure not to create a scope of question by properly incorporating the following factors.

  • Information technology has huge work involved in it; therefore, exact IT need of the business by which the RFP is being presented has to be researched prior developing a proposal document. This helps in documenting effective plan which would synchronize perfectly with the requirement of the business in this field.
  • The document must be well researched and framed with utmost authentication. It is always advisable to get it reviewed by a domain expert before its final submission. Essentially, the IT proposal document must discuss about the plans along with its requirement and time-line for its accomplishment. This would deliver a clear and transparent picture of the work that is intended to be implemented.
  • A separate section should be dedicated to discuss about the technical tools needed for completion of the task along with the approximate cost determined to be required for its execution. This is a vital section as proposal acceptance greatly depends on the budget as well. Hence, an affordable budget has to be proposed to enhance the chance of acceptance.
  • Finally, the document must follow professional and courteous tone throughout.