A wholesale funding proposal is a document which enlists proposals for funding a wholesale business. The proposals must be clearly outlined and the nature of the business must also be mentioned. The reasons for funding and the potential of the wholesale business are also factors that may find a mention in a wholesale funding proposal. The document will form the basis on which initial impressions will be formed and thus it must be written well.

Sample Wholesale Funding Proposal:

Name of wholesale business: FreshMatic Grocers Pvt. Ltd.

Date of submission of wholesale funding proposal: 23rd June 2011

Nature of business: We are wholesale dealers in fresh vegetables which we grow locally in the area. Our rates are cheap and the product superior.

Funds required for: Expansion of brand

Funds collected till date: $200,000

Funds still required for completing the expansion process: $400,000

Reasons for wholesale funding proposal:

  • We are a growing company that has already earned respect and stature in the business for our excellent products.
  • We also import vegetables from all around the world and hence our products are the very best that can be found.
  • A funding agency will also benefit from the respect we have earned. We also have deals with supermarkets all across the country to display our products. Hence any funding agency will gain in terms of visibility by being associated with us.
  • We are a rapidly multiplying company with branches all over the country, and hence a funding agency associated with us will gain in terms of exposure and presence as well.

Please contact us for more information and detailed brochures, as well as exact information about the nature of funding we seek at: 24756865

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