A windmill construction proposal is a document which dictates the proposal of a windmill construction. It should be written by stating the specifications of the construction so that the purpose and protocol are clearly given out through it. Engineers undertake such a project to generate power and supply electricity to a zone.

Sample Windmill Construction Proposal

Title of the proposal: Windmill construction proposal

Proposal given to: Hall Electrical Generators

Proposal prepared by: Jock Fanta, Electrical Engineer, Solar Builders

Theme of the proposal: We propose to work on construction of windmills in the Lofty Hill countryside region.

Aim of the proposal: The aim of the proposal rests on the fact that such a project would benefit thousands of power users in the city. That would meliorate the chances of expansion of knowledge base about safe power use too.

Agency credit: A number of equipments like solar heaters, generators and inverters are available in the market that is created by our agency. The agency believes in the use of inexhaustible (geothermal) sources of energy to reduce pollution.

Uses of the proposal execution: Such a plan will achieve two main uses. Firstly, it will save a lot of energy for future exploitation and secondly, the customers would be saved of huge electricity bills.

Construction specifications:

  • The windmills will be manufactured with genuine turbines with more than 80 meters blade diameters.
  • The wind velocity of the windmills will be capable of producing 5 MW of power with an average wind speed of 96 mph.

Proposal cost: About $12, 0000

Last date of acceptance: 14th September, 2016

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