A women employment proposal is a document which is prepared by an organization working with women, or specifically seeking women for its various posts and departments. Often such documents are prepared by NGOs, seeking funds in order to contribute to the upliftment of women. Such a proposal must be written well and with conviction especially if written to attract funds.

Sample Women Employment Proposal

Women employment proposal prepared by: Smile Pvt. Ltd.

Year of establishment of non-governmental organization: 1989

Date of submission of women employment proposal: 2nd June 2011

Women employment proposal submitted to: Dr. Sarah Miller, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Women and Child Affairs, Government of Great Britain.

Purpose of women employment proposal:

  • We have recently launched an initiative called “Help” which works with women who are addicted to alcohol and hard drugs, and are without the means of rehabilitating themselves, or undergoing the expensive de-addiction programs of the city.
  • Such women are provided with employment that is suitable for their weakened physical and mental health and we also provide camps where the basics of de-addiction programs can be completed by trained doctors and clinical persons.
  • We are in urgent requirement of funds and hence this proposal, which we hope will be considered by your ministry.
  • So far, with our limited and modest means, we have forty women working for us in day shifts, who also participate in our health camps and are showing signs of improvement.

For more information please contact: 387876. We hope to hear from you soon,

Janice Sequoia,

Chief Managing Director,

Smile Pvt. Ltd.

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