A women empowerment project proposal involves the detailing of the means whereby the project will be implemented and operated. It involves a huge amount of logistical planning, cooperation between different agencies and communication skills. Such a proposal, if written carefully in a well researched manner, can become a valuable document which can be consulted at all stages.

Printable Project Proposal Template in Word

Printable Project Proposal Template in Word

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Simple Project Proposal Template in Google Docs

Simple Project Proposal Template in Google Docs

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Sample Women Empowerment Project Proposal

Name of women empowerment project: The Care project for Empowerment of Sex Workers in Kolkata [CESK]

Project initiated and conceptualized by: The Care Group [a non-governmental organization] working with the state department for Women and Children Affairs.

Proposal created by: Rina Mukherjee of The Care Group

Date of submission of the proposal: 2nd May 2011

Salient features:

  • This project is aimed at the development and empowerment of sex workers in and around Kolkata, and consequently their children.
  • It will aim at their vocational training and also education regarding pervasive threats like sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS.
  • It will organize workshops and interim schools for their children so that they can later be inducted into mainstream schools. Principles of mainstream schools willing to accept these children are also part of the organizing committee of the project [See list included]

Operational costs for the year 2010-2011: Rs. 10,00,000

Funding: Both the state department and our own funds will be utilized. We will also secure donations by organizing a number of fetes and events prior t the establishing of the project.

This proposal charts the growth and development of two years of the project.

Date of launching of the project: 6th June 2011

Contact: 837483748