Youth development project proposal document is presented by proposing projects which would be beneficial for the developments of the youth society. This kind of proposal largely concentrates on various effective project plans which intend to contribute efficiently in the progress of youth development in the society.

Editable Project Proposal Template

Editable Project Proposal Template

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Simple Project Proposal to Edit

Simple Project Proposal to Edit

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Sample Youth Development Project Proposal

Title of the proposal: Youth Behavior Risk Prevention Project Funding

Proposal presented by: The International Institute For Youth Development

Proposal presented on: 4th July 2011

Mission of the proposal:

After identifying the problem of behavioral risk among the youths on the present society, The International Institute For Youth Development has decided to initiate a Youth Behavior Risk Prevention Project which is about emphasizing on creating awareness among youths. This would also help the experts to learn the cause of behavioral change among the youths and making them realize their adverse effects on the society as well.

What we expect:

  • We expect the community to support our project.
  • We wish to obtain collaboration and association of various educational institutes, schools and universities for reaching out to maximum number of youths.
  • We need a substantial amount of fund for carrying out this project by appointing various experts of this field who deals with this psychology and behavioral change of the youths specifically.

Plans to Execute:

  • Encouraging various schools, institutes and universities to participate
  • Motivating the community to take a strong initiative in this process.

Estimated budget: $45000 approximately

Funds collected till date: $20000 approximately

Last date for accepting the proposal: 5th August 2011